Views Demystified

The VIEWS module is powerful. With it you can create dynamic pages, blocks, feeds, and more!
The VIEWS module can seem mystic at times.

Join me as we spend some time in the most powerful and complex user interface that Drupal offers. You NEED the power of Views and you're gong to get it!

Together we will use views to:
a] Build a listing page of nodes
b] Build filtering functionality so that users can limit and control the list of content that is created by the View.
c] Build a simple block.
d] Build a block which contains the node author's picture so that it shows on every article.
e] Some Q-n-A time to satisfy your Views questions!

If you have questions about, this session, me, or Drupal in general:

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Doug Vann

Session Tracks (DrupalCamp NJ 2015)