SEO Awesomeness for Drupal Sites

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a critical part of running a successful website and involves a lot more than simply updating some page titles and meta descriptions. Yet despite the importance of good SEO, many sites often lack essential SEO configurations. Additionally, out-of-the-box Drupal sites typically do not provide all of the tools and configuration options needed to implement SEO best practices.

In this session, we'll review SEO best practices relative to Drupal development and will show how you can improve your SEO with some relatively simple configuration changes. We'll also review a number of specific techniques and contributed modules that you can use to improve the way search engines see your site.

Topics include:

  • Understanding Meta Tags (and which ones are important)
  • How to include Meta Tag content in a publishing workflow
  • Leveraging Twitter Cards and Open Graph tags to make your content more sharable 
  • Tips for using Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools
  • Tips for configuring Drupal menus, breadcrumbs, and URL paths
  • Search engine-friendly redirects and Canonical URLs
  • XML Sitemap and robots.txt configurations
  • Recommended contributed modules
  • Recommended analysis and testing tools
  • SEO Considerations for Drupal 8

About the Speaker

Dave Sawyer is a Solutions Architect at Blink Reaction - a proud sponsor of DrupalCamp NJ 2015. He has 15 years experience in web development and specializes in architecting multi-site solutions. Dave is an Acquia Certified Developer and works extensively with Drupal. He has given talks at numerous Drupal conferences and camps including DrupalCon Austin, Drupaldelphia, DrupalCamp New Jersey, and NYC Camp. Previously, Dave has worked as a consultant and developer for Adobe Systems, Bloomsbury Publishing, and The Vineyard Gazette. You can follow him on Twitter at @cmsdave.

Experience level: 
Dave Sawyer

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