Rules: Duct Tape for Drupal

There is a mantra in Drupal, "there's a module for that"; many times you need one little piece of functionality that's not provided by a module. Instead of learning to write code, you can use the Rules module - the duct tape of Drupal - to build new features and business logic.

Rules can be immensely useful for Intranet websites, or sites with complicated sets of permissions and publishing workflows. It is also used by default in Drupal Commerce sites to manage the taxes, discounts and payment types.

This session will provide you with a formula you can apply to decide when to use rules and a system for asking the right questions before you sit down to create a rule, and how to find some examples of people using rules for similar purposes. Finally, we will cover some excellent modules that provide extra actions and conditions for rules that can be helpful in specialized sites.

For Slides, check - I am editing them to add a few things we talked about during the session, and I will upload a PDF here soon.

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Ryan Price

Session Tracks (DrupalCamp NJ 2015)