Drupal for Project Managers: What you need to know to be awesome (and beat the curve).

Drupal Development is a specialty, so is Drupal Project Management.

Whether you are a seasoned PM new to Drupal or have just been volunteered to manage a project in your 'spare time,' what do you need to know about Drupal to help you manage projects more successfully?

Presented previously at NYC Camp and Drupalcamp Atlanta in 2014, join Blink Reaction Drupal Evangelist Ray Saltini as he guides participants through a practical and insightful disscussion around this critical topic.

This session will introduce you to:

  • the Drupal lifecycle adoption curve
  • Drupal application and community fundamentals
  • methods for aligning your project plan with Drupal
  • development best practice

Experience level: 
Ray Saltini

Session Tracks (DrupalCamp NJ 2015)