Coding for scale and sanity: Writing code you won't regret later

No developer in history had enough time and enough up-front information to make perfectly scalable architecture decisions, get everything right the first time, and craft all of their code exquisitely right out of the gate. Coding is an organic process, and often one that's driven by changing requirements, dreadful deadlines, and unreliable third parties. It's a fact of our lives: you will inevitably end up writing code you're not proud of because you needed to get something done in a pinch. 

That said, the tradeoff between speed, flexibility, and quality doesn't have to be as drastic as you might think. In this session, I will share a few methodologies and tricks for writing quick, flexible code that doesn't lock you into technical debt and doesn't require you to sacrifice your dignity as a software developer. Also included are some general tips and techniques for writing scalable code that will help future-you not hate current-you for some of the decisions you've been making.

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Jim Keller

Session Tracks (DrupalCamp NJ 2015)