A Case Study in Automation

In this talk I'll go over all of the different types of automation needed to keep insane project scope high (via ELMS Learning Network) while keeping teams light weight and small. This will be a case study with practical examples of how you can use the following to automate all the things and eliminate the human race people grrr... no that was right, people.

  • Jenkins (to manage deployments)
  • Travis CI (Github, webhooks, hooks, open / continuous build process)
  • Slack / Trello for project management (integrated webhooks)
  • Git (Github, Prehooks, drupal.org, and when to use submodules vs nested projects)
  • Hubdrop (to bridge github and drupal.org)
  • Galaxy / DSLM for better optimized, clustered multi-sites
  • Drush Recipes to automating all the drush'es as well as deployment routines and building
  • Bash for some nasty fun chain automation / installation


This will show examples of how you can use all of these tools in your site builds through the context of how I use them every day. ELMS Learning Network has the crazy goal of providing a RESTful network of sites that acting together form a course experience. This allows for customized ecosystems per course (or college or whatever really) that while densely complex, always follows a design pattern that keeps it managable by a very small team.  I've had to learn all the technologies mentioned above, as well as invent my own in the form of Drush Recipes, in order to keep 100s and theoretical 1000s of drupal sites across multiple ELMSLN deployments all maintainable by almost no one (well, the robots largely help with that).


Come see how me, a collegue and our buddies Travis and Jenkins help tackle a rather insane use-case. Hopefully you can take away less that ELMSLN is crazy train and more of the tools and different ways you can integrate them all together through practical examples.

Background infomation


Note: This is kind of like a developer centric Case Study though it would still be beneficial for non-sys admins to see whats possible.

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Session Tracks (DrupalCamp NJ 2015)