Build, Launch, Run |Happy DevOps w/ Pantheon

OK. Let me ask you a question...
  Q: What good is GIT version control and a 3-STAGE development process if it's a pain to set up and manage?
  A: Zero, Zilch NODDA! Because your team can't use it and if they try it only gets in the way of actually building the project at hand. :-(

Does Dev-Ops have to be that hard?
                                                          NOPE! ;-)

Join me as we take a good, hard look at PANTHEON, the Best Practices, Dev-Ops solution that is taking the Drupal landscape by storm.
What you will NOT learn:
 Jenkins, Linux, Amazon AS3, Varnish, Redis, Server Maintenance, Tuning System files, etc. [PANTHEON manages all that for you!]
What you will learn:
  How to set up a FREE, FAST, and FUNCTIONAL Drupal SandBox on the Pantheon platform
  How to implement SECURITY to keep prying eyes off of your Dev site
  How to REPLICATE the Dev site across the Test and Live environments
  How to PULL the code down from Dev to your local machine [With either GIT or SFTP]
  How to TRACK changes in Dev and deploy them to Test and Live
  How to SYNCH the database from Live down to Test and Dev
  How to make sure you're taking advantage of Varnish for SPEEDY page loads [Very Easy To Do!]
  How to easily cover your ar$e by taking BACKUPS 
  How to ADD Team Members to your Pantheon dashboard

This will be a practical, hands-on experience. Bring your laptop and follow along. 
We'll go at a pace where you can ask questions and keep up!
When we're done you will understand why so many shops and independant developers have chosen to Build, Launch, and Run with Pantheon!

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Doug Vann

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