Acquia Workflows and Wins for Drupal Developers and Site Builders

Acquia calls itself the "Enterprise Guide to Drupal" but yeah, we know---a lot of Drupal developers don't think we offer anything of value to them. In fact, the Acquia Network provides tremendous value to Drupal developers and site builders, we just aren't always that great at explaining it. In this session, I'll describe and demo Acquia's developer-focused products:

  • Acquia Insight provides clear, actionable recommendations about your Drupal site's configuration, tuning, SEO, and security, both before and after it goes live. The site may be perfectly set up the day it launches, but Insight monitors and alerts you about problems as the site changes over time.
  • Acquia Cloud simplifies Drupal site development and production hosting. It provides development, staging, and production environments, with integrated workflow tools for automating tasks, running tests, and deploying your site. Cloud offers automatic backups and restores, 24/7 monitoring, easy SSH setup, SSH shell access and complete Drush support, and more.
  • Acquia Search provides turn-key Drupal-integrated faceted search powered by ApacheSolr. Help your visitors find the content they are looking for, remove the search processing load from your own server(s), and eliminate all the hassle of managing it yourself.
  • All three of these services are available for free for non-production sites.
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Kris Vanderwater

Session Tracks (DrupalCamp NJ 2015)