5 Top Drupal Innovations You Can't Live Without

Now that Drupal 7 has reach full maturity and perhaps entering into it's Autumn years we're able to take full stock of Drupal 7 features that have taken off and a few that fell flat. This presentation will explore the most valuable innovations in Drupal 7 and offer examples illustrating why these features have become so valuable. We'll also take a look at how today's most valuable features will fair in the upcoming release of Drupal 8.

Drupal 7 Innovation we'll be exploring

  • Entities
  • Displays
  • Media
  • Views
  • Rules

Session Objectives

  • Identify and demonstrate the most useful tools introduced in Drupal 7
  • Offer tips on how to utilize Drupal 7 Innovations to build great web sites
  • Show how these innovations will be affected by the pending Drupal 8 release

Experience level: 
Daniel Schiavone

Session Tracks (DrupalCamp NJ 2015)