Drupal for Project Managers

Evolving Web

Managing a Drupal project for the first time? Trying to figure out how to manage the project efficiently? This course provides a guide to Drupal from a project manager's point of view.

You'll learn the fundamentals of how the Drupal admin UI works, and get familiar with Drupal terminology. You'll also learn how to develop requirements for a Drupal project, how wireframes translate into Drupal elements, and what's easy and hard to do with Drupal. Pick up tips and tricks for working with open source projects, and working with Drupal developers, themers, and site builders. Know what questions to ask the client and what questions to ask your Drupal team at each step in the project.

The curriculum includes presentations, demonstrations, and lots of hands-on exercises.

This course will cover the following topics:

  •   Overview of Drupal functionality
  •   How to use Drupal's content management tools
  •   Drupal terminology you need to know
  •   Case studies of Drupal projects
  •   Checklists and questions for each step in the project

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