DrupalCamp NJ 2015

Over 300 Drupal enthusiasts attended the 4th Annual DrupalCamp NJ! This fun and informative three-day DrupalCamp was held on the campus of Princeton University. Drupal users of all skill levels learned more about the platform, how to use it best, and how to enhance it further.

We'd like to thank all the speakers, sponsors, trainers, sprinters, volunteers, and everyone who came to be a part of the 2015 camp! Be sure to stay engaged with the NJ Drupal community all year long by joining us at groups.drupal.org/new-jersey and www.meetup.com/Central-NJ-Drupal-Group for event and other announcements. Also be sure to stop by our IRC channel, #drupal-nj, if you can't make it out in person.

Friday, January 30: Trainings

Saturday, January 31: Camp Sessions

Sunday, February 1: Mentoring & Collaboration


We are very excited to announce our 2015 keynote speaker, Paul M. Jones!

Paul is an internationally recognized PHP expert and voting member of the PHP Framework Interoperability Group. He is also the author of Modernizing Legacy Applications in PHP where he takes a special interest in high-quality high-maintainability coding practices. His latest open-source project, Aura for PHP, reflects this interest.

The Central NJ Drupal Meetup has received one of the first grants from the new Drupal Association Drupal 8 Accelerate program. The Sprint will take place from January 29 to Febrary 1. For more details see https://groups.drupal.org/node/453848